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The truth about success and leadership in business is that mindset has a lot to do with it. How do we maintain a positive mindset when we hit hard times? What style of leadership makes it easier for our teams to collaborate and collectively problem solve? On this episode, mortgage originator, branch manager and author, […]


As loan officers, we often come across clients that are so far into the buying process that we can’t provide them with additional value. However, with the Core 7 methodology, we can build deeper relationships in our markets, and help clients early in the process of buying a home. How does this methodology help us […]

Many of the most highly successful people in our industry are also the most miserable. Their personal lives have suffered at the expense of their business success. What are some of the biggest mistakes we’re committing that makes it hard for us to have fulfilling personal lives? How do we build wealth so that we […]

For most people, the idea of living in a location we love, while still running a successful business is the stuff of dreams. Our guest today has managed to do just that! He is a successful LO with honors such as being included in the Top 100 Originators and 50 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals in […]

As a loan officer, just being good at the transaction is no longer enough. Leveraging technology is more valuable than ever before. With the diminishing value of being a rate quoter, what abilities are will set us apart and keep us in the game? Is it necessary to build our own technology to meet the […]

The current media and technology landscape makes this the perfect time to be a trailblazer and build something unique. How can we use the chaos and disruption to our advantage? What does it take to get through the inevitable hard times that come our way? How has the American dream changed? On this episode, I […]

Successful and wealthy people know that money is only a piece of the puzzle. What happens when we strive to build wealth without knowing what our personal life should look like? What impact do people around us have on our mindset? Why is it important to put together a routine for both business and personal […]

Financial success makes us feel safe and boosts our self-esteem, but what happens when this isn’t enough for us? Why do we constantly need new goals in our lives to be happy? Why does having only financial goals leave us disappointed? In this episode, Greg Clowminzer shares how he helps his clients achieve business success […]

A concern among many in our industry is that we’re going to get crushed underneath the wave of new technology and AI. Are the effects of changes being overplayed? How do we marry tech and human interaction to prepare ourselves for the future? On this episode, I’m joined by mortgage industry legend, entrepreneur, author, coach, […]

It’s easy to sell homes when the market is favorable, but what differentiates agents who thrive in difficult times from those who struggle? Why should the focus be on the lifetime value of a client? How can practicing gratitude and silencing our inner critic get us through hard times? In this episode, Marguerite Crespillo talks […]

Mortgage and real estate are becoming more complex by the day. What do we need to do make sure our businesses stay solid through a shifting landscape? How do we keep our eyes on the long game when we’re busy grinding everyday? How can we leverage social media and improve our personal branding? On this […]

Most people don’t recognize when the passion for their work isn’t strong anymore, and they don’t know what to do about it. When we find ourselves in that place, how can we reignite the fire? What are the things we should build our schedules and lives around? Why is our “Big Why” such a key […]

There’s a huge difference between what drives a typical loan officer and what drives a mortgage planner. How do these differences play into the character traits and personality qualities of a good hire? What is healthy competitiveness, and what separates it from the negative manifestations of competitiveness? What type of people thrive best in our […]

The onset of the internet and social media has led to a lot of change for the mortgage industry. Successful people view this as an incredible opportunity, and not something to be afraid of. In the age of online lenders, what is the value we bring to our clients? How do you build a mortgage […]

The advancements in technology and digital communication have made an already fast-paced reality even faster, and this is a huge hurdle for the modern leader. What are some of the side effects of us being more accessible, and there being more channels for communication? How do we avoid drifting and losing sight of what’s important? […]

Many people set goals in the beginning of the year, but motivation starts to dwindle as the months progress. How can we beat that slump and stay committed? What tactics can hold us accountable to ourselves? On this episode, I discuss the steps we have to take to stay motivated and how to make sure […]

We’re a 34 year young boutique mortgage firm where EVERYONE MATTERS. Our goal is not to become the largest company, but the one with the greatest impact. To us, making a daily difference in the lives of our teammates, referral partners and our customers is what makes the work that we do so worthwhile and meaningful.