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A concern among many in our industry is that we’re going to get crushed underneath the wave of new technology and
AI. Are the effects of changes being overplayed? How do we marry tech and human interaction to prepare ourselves for
the future? On this episode, I’m joined by mortgage industry legend, entrepreneur, author, coach, and host of Sales
Mastery, Todd Duncan. We talk about how to empower ourselves and embrace the new roles of technology.

“The lender, LO, or team that figures out the piece of the puzzle where technology
can amplify the human relationship, are the people that will win and the people I don’t worry about.”

-Todd Duncan

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Three Things We Learned From Todd Duncan

While we must focus on where we’re going, we should also appreciate how far we’ve come

High achievers are always thinking about the vision and what needs to get done next. With all that attention
focused on where we need to go, we can easily forget the value of the journey, the impact we’ve made, the lessons
we’ve learned and the relationships we’ve established.

Human interaction will always be valuable

It has been proven that 98.3% of the world’s population values human connection over tech. The problem is so much
weight is being placed on the value of technology, that we can start believing that’s what we need to succeed in
this business. If we believe that tech alone is what we need, we’re most in danger of not surviving.

The power of emotional connection is the most effective form of influence

We have to ask ourselves how we’re going to build our business and our lives by levering the number 1 form of
influence on the planet. The number 1 form of influence is emotional connection.

In the conversation about disruption, technology, and AI, there are some important principles about our business
that will never change. It’s impossible to use AI or technology to create a handshake that is meaningful, make
trustful eye contact, or feel the emotion and heart of who we’re trying to serve. If we don’t understand the
dynamics of human connection and the value of intellectual advice, we won’t survive. As technology encroaches, we
have to pay attention to human connection and how we can use technology to amplify those relationships.

Guest Bio

Todd Duncan is a coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He founded The Duncan Group, a mortgage sales training
and consulting company. He is the author of 17 books, including the New York Times Bestsellers Time Traps: Proven
Strategies for Swamped Sales People and High Trust Selling: Make More Money In Less Time with Less Stress. Todd
Duncan is also host of the annual Sales Mastery event, which has been running for over 24 years. Over 50,000 loan
officers, real estate agents and business entrepreneurs have attended the seminar. Learn more about Todd at

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