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The advancements in technology and digital communication have made an already fast-paced reality even faster, and this is a huge hurdle for the modern leader. What are some of the side effects of us being more accessible, and there being more channels for communication? How do we avoid drifting and losing sight of what’s important? Why is it so important for us to carve out time for intentional strategy, execution, and alignment?

On this episode, author, speaker, and founder & CEO of Building Champions, Daniel Harkavy shares insights on how to march forward with clarity and stay on course in our business and personal lives.

It’s harder for us to make decisions and as we struggle there, our influence starts to wane and overall our leadership effectiveness will suffer. -Daniel Harkavy

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

How to make a founder-led organization sustainable
You need to make a shift from founder led to professionally managed. Make sure your content and processes lead to really favorable outcomes over and over again.

How better decisions grow your influence as a leader
If you want effective leadership, you have make better decisions and grow your influence. With all the means of communication out there, and increased accessibility of leaders, it’s so much harder to carve out the time to think intentionally, strategize and really wrestle with concepts, ideas, problems and solutions. When leaders don’t have that time, they end up living and leading in reactive mode.

How to fight the drift
Human beings like to think they are logical and that they make decisions based on data, but that’s not true. We actually bias data and find data to support data the decisions we want to make.  If we don’t fight that emotional current and we go through our days making decisions on how we feel, we will drift off course.

From technology, to responsibility and life challenges, the forces at work in our lives are strong and it’s so easy to get off course if we let them and the emotions that drive us dictate our actions. Carving out time to think and be intentional requires more muscle, grit, courage and determination than ever before, but it’s what will allow leaders to be effective, impactful and influential.

This extends into our personal lives and relationships, we need to have a compelling vision for what we want in each area of our lives, and when it’s worth sacrificing for, we will say yes to the right things and block out the things that don’t serve that greater purpose.


Guest Bio:

Daniel is a author, speaker and coach. He is the founder, CEO and CEO mentor at Building Champions. He has been coaching business leaders to peak levels of performance, profitability, and fulfillment for more than twenty-five years. In 1996 he harnessed his passion for coaching leaders and teams to found Building Champions, where he serves as CEO and CEO Mentor. Daniel and his team of coaches have worked with thousands of clients and organizations to improve the way they lead and live. Go to for more information or email

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