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Most people don’t recognize when the passion for their work isn’t strong anymore, and they don’t know what to do about it. When we find ourselves in that place, how can we reignite the fire? What are the things we should build our schedules and lives around? Why is our “Big Why” such a key part of staying motivated, energized and driven? On this episode, executive coach Todd Bookspan shares on his journey and his “Win By Noon” philosophy and strategies.

If you’re stuck, figure out how to start and end your day differently so you’re energized to help people. -Todd Bookspan


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Three Things We Learned From Todd Bookspan

There is a need for coaching among younger mortgage originators

There’s great one-on-one coaching in the mortgage business, but there’s not a lot out there to help the young new originator in the business. Unless they stumble into a branch where the originator is building a team and has time to mentor them, they just won’t get good coaching easily.


Successful mornings start the night before

Our morning routines start the night before. It’s important to wind down well, get enough sleep, and have clarity on the important activities for the next day. It makes for a more productive morning and a successful day all around.


How to win by noon

What holds us back from success is failing to execute consistently because we tend to the fires that come up, instead of sticking to a strict schedule. We must prioritize the key activities that are the most productive, like picking up the phone, knowing who to call, and being strategic about it. If we do these things before noon, the rest of our day is set up for success.


When we fall behind with the grind, lose the motivation, or feel burned out, we need to dig back into what our “big why” is. Then we need to look into our daily habits and determine what we can do differently to re-energize ourselves and put our big why into action. We have to build our businesses based on the things that matter most: our health, our families, and important relationships. We can then put in place the actions that will drive our businesses forward.


Guest Bio

Todd is an executive coach at Building Champions, founder of Win By Noon, and co-host of the Mortgage Coach Productivity. Go to for more information or email

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