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Financial success makes us feel safe and boosts our self-esteem, but what happens when this isn’t enough for us? Why do we constantly need new goals in our lives to be happy? Why does having only financial goals leave us disappointed? In this episode, Greg Clowminzer shares how he helps his clients achieve business success and find a deeper meaning to their lives.

The long game is learning to enjoy the journey, but it also comes with upgrading the system and understanding where stress comes from. -Greg Clowminzer

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Three Things We Learned From Greg Clowminzer

We can’t play the long game if we don’t learn to enjoy the journey

Success in every form is about the long game. But in order to become improved versions of ourselves, we have to be consistent. And the best way to put in the work on a daily basis is to find a way to stay happy while on the journey to success.

We need a higher meaning in our lives if we want to feel truly accomplished

Most people look for coaches to accomplish financial and career goals, but when those get accomplished, they still feel empty inside. We need a higher meaning to our lives. If we don’t have it, we might end up chasing our dreams our entire life and still feel disappointed when we reach it because it wasn’t what we were truly looking for.

It’s important to try to maintain perspective throughout difficult times

Overanalyzing ourselves is often detrimental. However, it doesn’t only happen because we should be more focused on doing, but also because we miss the big picture. Some of the struggles we have are part of being human. But when we overthink certain situations, we tend to believe we’re the only ones going through something tough.


The difference between high-performing and low-performing individuals isn’t just a matter of hard work and opportunity. It’s also a product of what we think of ourselves and our place in the world. We live in a place of thoughts, and our thoughts govern our entire being. When we overanalyze ourselves instead of looking at the big picture, we tend to lose perspective. We’re all our own greatest enemy, and the best way to tame the enemy is to look outwards for answers.


Guest Bio

Greg Clowminzer is a business and life coach that works with CEO’s, small business owners, and professionals who desire to achieve success both in business and in their personal lives.
Greg has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience and has helped numerous of his clients achieve their full potential. If you want to find out if Greg can help you, schedule a free consultation with him here.

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