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It’s easy to sell homes when the market is favorable, but what differentiates agents who thrive in difficult times from those who struggle? Why should the focus be on the lifetime value of a client? How can practicing gratitude and silencing our inner critic get us through hard times? In this episode, Marguerite Crespillo talks about market shifts and how to keep your head up during hard times.

You cannot digitize the last ten feet of the transaction. -Marguerite Crespillo


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Three Things We Learned From Marguerite Crespillo

A good database enables us to survive market shifts

Our clients may decide to move one day, but they also have friends and family members who will likely need a real estate agent at some point too. When we keep all of our past clients in a CRM software and stay in touch with them, we always have a stream of clients coming at us.


Practice gratitude, and don’t be afraid to ask for help

We may have a desire to throw a pity party, but if we practice gratitude and look around at all the things we have, we can shorten the moments where we see our life falling apart in front of us. We can also reach out for help, as not all problems are meant to be solved alone.


Technology can’t build the relationships and trust

We shouldn’t rely on technology to do all the work for us. Only the mundane tasks can be automated. Real estate is a people-based industry. A software can’t deal with a seller that has a leaking pipe in the house, nor can it build enough trust for us to sell a home without showing up.


Our own opinions matter the most because we perceive them to be true. However, our inner critic becomes more pronounced as we get closer to our goals, become more successful, and raise our standards. We all have moments when we look at the past and regret the things we haven’t done. However, there’s nothing productive that comes from doing that, as it puts us in a vicious cycle. We need to catch ourselves when we fall into negative thinking patterns, and shift our focus to something else.


Guest Bio

Marguerite Crespillo has been a top producing agent since 1996 and has run her own brokerage for 17 years. During market shifts, she has consistently sold over 100 homes per year while raising 6 children. Marguerite’s mission is to help others build wealth and achieve freedom in real estate. You can find more info about Marguerite here.

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