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The onset of the internet and social media has led to a lot of change for the mortgage industry. Successful people view this as an incredible opportunity, and not something to be afraid of. In the age of online lenders, what is the value we bring to our clients? How do you build a mortgage team of people with different “superpowers”? Why is it so important for us to enjoy the process of getting to our goals?

On this episode, Lisa Wells shares on her 22-year career, what motivates her, how she stays relevant and impactful.

The loan officers that are going to thrive are the ones who focus 100% on the client experience. -Dan Trinidad

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

How to compete in the age of online lenders
Online lenders are faster on the surface but they actually make the process more stressful for the consumer, especially by not telling them everything they need up front. The greatest value we bring is creating a better client experience, saving time but still being impactful.

The importance of falling in love with the process of what we do
Driven, high achievers focus on the results more than anything. This can cause self-esteem issues and challenges when things don’t go as planned. It’s also important to enjoy and become invested in the activities and doing them well.

How to focus on your best impact activities
Sometimes people work too much because they are just busy being busy. Review your activities regularly and ask yourself if what you’re doing is making you money, serving a purpose or bringing you joy. If not, pass it to someone else or cut it out completely.

Even as our industry continues to shift, there will still be a need for providing an excellent client experience. We have to make the process as easy as possible in this complicated industry, and that means not focusing on transactions, but on solidifying the relationships. It’s critical to become skilled in the conversations that bring the most value to our clients, and consistently review our activities to ensure they are bringing us closer to our goals. It’s all about using technology to create a better client experience and work in a way that brings the most balance to our lives.


Guest Bio:

Lisa is a Branch Manager & Loan Officer at Lisa Wells Team at Cross Country Mortgage. Go to for more information. To get in touch with her, call 612.202.1731 or email

We’re a 34 year young boutique mortgage firm where EVERYONE MATTERS. Our goal is not to become the largest company, but the one with the greatest impact. To us, making a daily difference in the lives of our teammates, referral partners and our customers is what makes the work that we do so worthwhile and meaningful.