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There’s a huge difference between what drives a typical loan officer and what
drives a mortgage planner. How do these differences play into the character traits and personality qualities of a
good hire? What is healthy competitiveness, and what separates it from the negative manifestations of
competitiveness? What type of people thrive best in our work environment? On this episode I answer these questions
and give insight into how we recruit.

Where we compete is in our culture and our mission
to “wow” customers. That’s what sets us apart. -Dan Trinidad

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

What an amazing customer experience look like in the long-term

When we have to think about keeping our clients in the long-term, the service we offer becomes less about the
transaction, and more about wanting the best for them. We have to make every process of attaining a home loan very
easy by communicating clearly and keeping our word.

Loan officers vs. mortgage planners

A loan officer is focused on the transaction and just getting the best quote. A mortgage planner has the mindset of
wanting to coach and consult the customer to help them make the best possible decision for themselves.

How to be competitive without being ruthless

When a person is competitive in the right way, they are more in competition with themselves than they are with
other people. It’s about not wanting to win at all cost by misleading or cheating the client or getting out of

In our industry, we have the same rates and same basic programs and processes to
take a loan from beginning to end. What makes us stand out and carve a unique path is the service we give to our
customer, and the team culture we create and nurture. It’s all about bringing the right people into our culture so
they can thrive. We need people with enormous drive, a passion for creating an amazing customer experience,
empathy, a collaborative spirit, and the ability to be competitive in a productive way.

We’re a 34 year young boutique mortgage firm where EVERYONE MATTERS. Our goal is not to become the largest company, but the one with the greatest impact. To us, making a daily difference in the lives of our teammates, referral partners and our customers is what makes the work that we do so worthwhile and meaningful.