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The truth about success and leadership in business is that mindset has a lot to do with it. How do we maintain a positive mindset when we hit hard times? What style of leadership makes it easier for our teams to collaborate and collectively problem solve? On this episode, mortgage originator, branch manager and author, Ben Chenault, shares on the lessons he learned on his journey, and balancing the different roles in his life.

In the mortgage business, money is a byproduct of taking care of people. -Ben Chenault

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Ben is a mortgage originator, branch manager and author. Since entering the industry, Ben has remained one of the top Mortgage Producers in the State of Alabama in both volume and number of loans, and is consistently ranked in the Top 1% by industry publications. In his free time, Ben can be found spending time at the lake with his wife and 2 daughters, or playing golf. To get in touch with Ben, send an email to

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