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The current media and technology landscape makes this the perfect time to be a trailblazer and build something unique. How can we use the chaos and disruption to our advantage? What does it take to get through the inevitable hard times that come our way? How has the American dream changed? On this episode, I am joined by TV and radio host, entrepreneur and consumer advocate, Craig Sewing who shares some insights on his success.

Technology is a huge tidal wave hitting the world. You can either drown in it, or grab the surfboard and ride it.  -Craig Sewing

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Three Things We Learned From Craig Sewing

Why ordinary people need advocates in the media

The sensationalism in the media isn’t really meant to help people—it’s meant to help the corporations that are putting out content to drive ratings and make money on advertisers who are paying for the click of a mouse.

The importance of accepting both the good and bad parts of the journey

The more you grow in business, the more challenges you’ll have. It’s important to not get down about the difficulties because it’s all about balance. The whole journey is about appreciating even the bad times, too, because we learn from them. If we think of every ugly moment we’ve had in our lives, we’ll also realize how much stronger they made us.

Why this is the best time ever to turn a passion into a brand

Money can follow passion if we design it the right way. Right now we can take a passion we have and connect to content, a brand, a message and people we can inspire. The key is combining the old school work ethic with new school techniques. That is the sweet spot in which we find success.

The path to success is not a single, narrow road. We can blaze our own trails. Right now, we really have the opportunity to leverage technology, content and attention to build something valuable, inspiring and purpose-driven. More than ever, we can go against what are considered traditional society norms in business and what success looks like. In order to make this a possibility we have to embrace the whole journey – flaws, failures and all. When we flip our perspective and see failure as a vessel for learning and growth, we can replace fear with faith.

Guest Bio

Craig Sewing is an entrepreneur, executive producer, TV host, radio personality, speaker and trainer. He is the CEO of Ignite Now Media and host & Creator of American Dream Show and Sewing Radio Show. He has a background in real estate and finance. He confronts polarizing issues head-on, forever focused on cutting through the media clutter, he states his views bluntly, making friends and enemies along the way. Go to for more information. You can find him on social media Instagram: @craigsewingofficial and on Facebook find his show, @TheAmericanDreamTV.

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