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Successful and wealthy people know that money is only a piece of the puzzle. What happens when we strive to build wealth without knowing what our personal life should look like? What impact do people around us have on our mindset? Why is it important to put together a routine for both business and personal tasks? In this clip, Matt Aitchison talks about how he became a 7-figure real estate investor without sacrificing his personal life in the process.

If you want to get to another level in your life, you have to be ruthless in the standards that you create. -Matt Aitchison

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Three Things We Learned From Matt Aitchison

  1. We need to set high standards for ourselves and the people around us

When we surround ourselves with people that have lower standards than us, we get dragged down. We have to be clear about what we want from our lives and business, and make room for the people who share our vision.

  1. Don’t sacrifice financial success for personal bankruptcy

Many agents and team leaders end up getting buried in work. As a result, their family and relationships suffer. Our ambitions should enhance our lives, not take us away from those we love. We have to put together a schedule and a system that allows us to get the best from both worlds.

  1. We have to be willing to put together a schedule and stick to it

We all have 24 hours in a day and a pocket full of dreams, but not all of us are willing to put together a schedule that we stick to. Success isn’t all about focusing on the things we love doing, as there will be always something that we dislike about our work. Success is about doing the things we dislike now in order to gather the fruits later.

In order to achieve happiness in all facets of life, we have to become more intentional with how we spend our time and whom we spend it with. Before we do that, we have to draw the map. What are our values? What are our priorities? What do we have to say “no” to? There’s no perfect balance, and sometimes we will end up making decisions that go against our priorities. Yet, if we try to live according to our values and priorities, we won’t have many regrets later in life.

Guest Bio

Matt Aitchison is a 7-figure real estate investor, podcast host of Millionaire Mindcast, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

He co-founded The Aitchison & Adams Real Estate Team, which generated $250+ million in sales volume, and he’s the CEO of Vault Investment Properties, where he rehabbed over 150 properties.
Matt is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with others on his podcast and blog. You can find more about the strategies that made him one of the top names in real estate here.

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