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Mentorship and coaching play a huge role in taking your business to new heights. How can you find someone who inspires you to build onto your legacy and keep pushing forward? What are some important lessons to be learned from well-known mentors in the mortgage business?

On this episode, Matt Johnson and I discuss the people who have played a role in my journey through their influence. From my high school coaches, to industry professionals like Todd Duncan, Dan Sullivan and Dan Meub. These are the people who have contributed to my life in many different ways, and helped me achieve more than I would have alone.

There’s more than one way to benefit from a mentor, and there’s more than one type of mentor.-Matt Johnson

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

  • Seek inspiration everywhere. Pay attention to the people who help shape your life.
  • Mentorship is not just about learning what to do. There are many other benefits that can come from that type of relationship and resource.
  • Strive to have mentorship in all areas of life, from your business, to your family, to your health.

Inspiration is everywhere, and you’ll always find someone you can look up to, in every area of life. It’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need to hire someone as a mentor to benefit from the relationship, either. You could be influenced by anyone you meet, and even those you don’t. The important thing is to keep paying attention to the people who help shape your life.

To get in contact with the mentors I mentioned, see the list below:

Todd Duncan – my mentor on culture and relationships:

Dan Sullivan– my inspiration for goal-setting, Unique Abilities, and the ‘Life Extender’ concept:

Daniel Harkavy – my coach on decisions and focus:

Dan Meub – my influencer for team and organization building

Darren Hardy – author of The Compound Effect:

Brady Anderson – my inspiration for goal setting around personal health and

My proximity mentors:

Tim Braheem:

Dave Savage:

Todd Bookspan:

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