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A difficult time or crisis in our lives is our own soul crying out for us to change and free ourselves from
things that are holding us back. What is true success and why does it have nothing to do with outward things and
accomplishments? When we meditate, what should we be seeking to get out of it? What are some of the best practices
to help us build a better relationship with ourselves?

On this episode, Business & Life Performance Coach and CEO of Performance Expert, Tim Braheem, shares on how to get “unstuck” in our lives.

Success is to be my own best friend and have radical self-acceptance. -TimBraheem

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Why there’s two sides to our strengths

When you see a quality in a human being that’s their strength, know that there’s
always a dark  side to that quality. There’s a positive and negative, and we have to balance that.

The truth about happiness

There’s a misunderstanding the happiness is something outside of yourself. The
problem with this is it puts us in a race that doesn’t have a finish line. Eventually you will wear out if you
take that approach, and you’ll keep upping the game because when you’re playing that game you’re like a drug
addict. Nothing is ever enough. Contentment is about loving who we are and knowing thyself well enough to know the
things that bring you joy.

What you should be seeking with meditation

Slowing down your mind is not the true goal of meditation, that might be an effect
of it, but it’s not. The word meditation translated is to know thyself. All meditation is is taking the time to
observe your mind in action, it’s not to stop the brain. It’s about becoming familiar with the thoughts that are
running through your mind all day long.

Everything in your life goes back to the relationship you have with yourself, and this will influence the way you
see and interact with the world. All of our behaviors and negative sides to our personalities are rooted in a
misunderstanding around the beliefs of who we are and the tapes we run in our head. What creates your vibrational
frequency is what is going on inside of you, your relationship with yourself, your experiences, your beliefs and how
you’re holding onto what has happened to you. In order to shatter the illusions that exist within our thoughts, we
have to learn to observe our minds through meditation.

Guest Bio:

Tim is a Business & Life Performance Coach and Speaker. He is the CEO and head
coach at Performing Experts. He founded, built and sold two companies, First Rate Financial and
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more information and to get in touch with him, email

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