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The basis of our business determines the kind of clients we attract and our level of success. Salespeople have long been driven by the desire to simply close the next deal, but times have changed. How can we lead our businesses with generosity? How has today’s consumer evolved? What can we do to turn our relationships into referrals?

On this episode, I talk with founder of ReferCo and the author of The 7 Levels of Communication, Michael Maher. He shares on the transformation he went through as a salesperson, and what we can learn from his experience.

The ones who are going to win are the best listeners and the best helpers. -Michael Maher

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Giving back vs. giving first

If you lead with generosity, you learn it’s not about giving back it’s about giving first. Generosity is love in action, and appreciation is love in reaction, but generosity comes first.

The difference between ego and generosity

We have transform from the ego era to the generosity generation. The consumer’s motto in the ego era was “find me, sell me”, and the motto of the generosity generation is “hear me, help me”. This has filtered to many aspects of our society including business and advertising.

The power of brand ambassadors

Build an army of brand ambassadors. Unpaid salespeople are the very first thing you should be leveraging. If you build, arm and mobilize your army, you will get more referrals.

As entrepreneurs, it’s important to incorporate generosity and reciprocity into the mission and culture of our business. The consumer is looking for someone who can help them, not someone to sell to them. While technology will replace some people in the business, those that build strong relationships are the ones that will survive and thrive.

Guest Bio:

Michael is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, founder of ReferCo and the author of the 7 Levels of Communication. Go to for more information or find him on Facebook.

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