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The typical coaching approach in our industry is to focus only on techniques and tactics, not behavior and emotional intelligence. Why is mindset an important part of becoming successful? How do we unlock real change in our businesses and lives? How do we fit our careers into the rest of our lives in a healthy way? On this episode, I’m joined by speaker, coach, and President of Rewire, Inc, Jason Abell, who shares on their unique approach to coaching.

We’re going for how people are thinking before we talk about or try to solve how they are acting. -Jason Abell

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Uncover the non-negotiable activity that will unlock change

From a coaching standpoint, the real change happens when the person taps into an action or activity where they don’t have the option not to do it. When they feel like it’s something they have to do and there’s no other option, that’s where the magic happens. 

Real coaching isn’t about instruction 

Really good coaching doesn’t tell us what to do, it facilitates the process of us digging into our thinking, coming up with solutions and moving forward. 

Our careers should fit into our lives 

Our careers are not separate entities in our lives, they should be integrated holistically in everything else we do. Instead of focusing on coaching that deals with business techniques, we have to deal with the mindset that governs every aspect of our lives. 

The truth about the most successful people in our industry is that they don’t just master the business techniques and tactics, they also get the mindset part right. Mindset is what steers the ships of our lives, and it’s where all personal development and coaching should begin. If we delve into our mindsets, we will find the direction we need to go further. 

Guest Bio:

Jason is a speaker and coach, and the President of Rewire, Inc. After 21 successful years in mortgage banking, he joined Rewire in order to focus on his passion to help people and companies become the best they possibly can. He now coaches leaders toward authentic and sustainable growth in their work, and leads workshops on topics ranging from sales to emotional intelligence to Rewire’s “inside out” approach to authentic motivation. Go to for more information or contact Jason directly,

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