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Success is defined by more than just financial wealth. How can we build businesses that allow us to excel in all areas of life? Can we enrich other people’s lives, while continuing to grow ourselves? On this episode, we share how we can grow and improve in multiple areas of our lives.

Never think your work is more important than family. -Sean Zalmanoff

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Surround yourself with great people

Our network plays a huge role in our success, so it’s important to be surrounded by people who have our best interests at heart. This extends to your coaches- some may suggest we leave your current team to join another, because they’re receiving a fee for referring you. We need to pay attention to those around us and make sure each connection is mutually beneficial.

Get a loan partner

Once we’ve reached a certain number of loans, the best hire we can make is a partner. This partner can assist us in any area of the business. The important thing is they’re joining us on our journey to success- and theirs. We’re helping another person advance while benefiting yourself.

Prioritize your relationships

Money isn’t everything. We should be prioritizing the people who mean the most to us- we’ll never look back on our lives wishing we spent more time at the office.

A huge marker of success is being able to look ourselves in the mirror and be happy with who we are as individuals. To do that, we need to be investing in ourselves- and to do that, we can start by looking at our relationships. Uplift others and remind people of their worth. Our legacies depend on much more than our finances.

Guest Bio:

Sean Zalmanoff entered the mortgage industry in 2002, where he spent the better part of his first year in the business learning all of the tips, habits, and ‘best practices’ that he has since determined to be the underlying reason why the mortgage industry is broken.

He knew there had to be a better way to run a business, so Sean started forging a new path for himself and his team, that lead him to the world of business and mortgage coaching. Sean now manages several mortgage offices throughout the country that produce over $100 Million in production, helping hundreds of people achieve the American Dream.

Harnessing his greatest passion, helping loan officers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, Sean became a founding owner in Next Level Loan Officers, a coaching platform that not only helps people in their business but all four pillars of their life.

Sean’s mission through coaching loan officers is to help them achieve a work-life balance in an industry that has lied to them that they need to be on call 24/7. By deploying his systems and strategies, he’s helped LOs and branch managers build a better work environment, more support, and better systems while installing the technology to achieve it all.

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