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Hard charging entrepreneurs often find themselves feeling guilty about not achieving a healthy work-life balance, but the concept is unrealistic when we’re running a business. How can we let go of balance, but still give our time to the parts of our lives that matter? How can we manage it all so that we’re not overwhelmed? On this episode, I speak to nationally recognized loan officer, coach and author, Scott Groves, who shares on how he’s able to achieve success both at work and at home.

When we’re building a thriving business, we have to accept that we’re always going to be out of balance. But we can still be present in whatever we’re doing at a particular time . -Scott Groves

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Pay attention to the numbers

Every person on our team should be bringing in around 5 deals. As the business is ready to grow, we can add more people accordingly. By the time our team is doing 15-20 deals a month, we’ll be in a great spot financially.

Don’t be too concerned about roles

We shouldn’t prematurely worry about who on our team does what. Until we start generating leads, everything else is irrelevant. We need to focus on building the business before prescribing specific roles to our team members.

Work-life balance doesn’t exist

Stop seeking balance. The reality is, we’ll always feel some sort of guilt when we’re focusing more on work and less on family, and vice versa. Strive to be present, rather than balanced.

As entrepreneurs, we’re often pushed into certain boxes that don’t correspond with where we actually are. The reality is, successful businesses grow organically, and business leaders are often thrown out of balance for that growth to take place. To move forward, we need to spend less time striving to fit into specific boxes, and pay more attention to pushing the margins. There is no balance, and there are no rules.

Guest Bio:

Scott Groves’ goal is to be an exceptional man, husband, father, leader, coach, and loan officer (in that order). With 17 years in finance and lending, Scott’s teams have originated well over $750 million in home loans. He prefers to focus on purchase loans and strong Realtor relationships for his referrals, and his team and partnership with Justin Bayle has grown rapidly over the last five years. Scott and his team now service over 100 top producing Realtors, coach five branch managers, and help manage 40 loan officers throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

With almost two decades in different positions of personal finance & management, Scott has a unique feel for the “big picture”. He knows what it takes to help clients, grow his management team, and coach loan officers.

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