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In our current cultural climate where we’re always “connected”, it can be difficult to find a balance in life. How can you build a balanced life in terms of work and family? How important is it to incorporate more people into your team? And how can you be sure you’re recruiting the right people?

On this episode, Senior Vice President at Hancock Mortgage Partners, Jonathan Fowler, shares on growing your team effectively and finding balance in your life.

Be picky on who you bring into your business. -Jonathan Fowler


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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Learn to let go

The first step you can take towards balance is allowing others to take over. Learn to let go and hire a team you trust to run your business when you step away.

Be selective with recruits

Be specific about the type of recruit you’re looking for. Once you’ve hired them, it’s up to you to retain them on your team. Keep them happy by being available to assist them when needed and by staying interested in their progress.

Prepare for change

Social media has brought huge changes into all of our lives and our businesses. Be prepared for the changes, because they are unstoppable. Plus, if used the right way, social media can be a great tool for your business.

Much of successful balance comes from delegation. The great thing is, thanks to social media and internet technologies, that change is now easier than ever. Get young people involved in your business, and make sure those you hire are trustworthy enough for you to step away. Change is inevitable, but you can use it to your advantage
Guest Bio:

Jonathan Fowler is the Senior Vice President at Hancock Mortgage Partners. He’s an industry leader, professional speaker, social media specialist, and a mortgage industry innovator.

Jonathan has directed national production in 50 states and has managed branch office services and national production initiatives. He has been helping retail mortgage branch managers redefine the meaning of success for more than 14 years. He has a knack for bringing the right people to the right opportunity, making it possible for them to not only expand their mortgage businesses, but also to grow personally and professionally as they positively impact their communities.

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