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We often feel so much pressure to excel in our businesses that we allow our personal relationships to fall by the wayside. How can you maintain focus on the things that really matter? What should you be working on to rebuild your personal and romantic life?

On this episode, Brandy and Lance Salazar of Legendary Couples share how they fixed their marriage to become stronger than ever.

Your own personal growth and development is vital. It’s the foundation of being a better spouse. –Lance Salazar

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Love yourself first

It’s impossible to truly love someone else unless you’re comfortable with yourself. You need to find ways to make yourself happy rather than seeking all your joy from another person. Fill your own cup before trying to fill anyone else’s.

Approach your relationship like a business

Most business owners acknowledge that a lot of work goes into running a successful company. However, the same cannot be said for relationships. You need to put effort into maintaining your relationship. Don’t allow it to come second to business obligations.

Focus on what really matters

Ask yourself whether you’re constantly accumulating more because you need it or because you want to impress the people around you. If, like most people, you’re falling into the latter category, take some time to think about what really matters. If constant accumulation is causing a disconnect from your partner, consider scaling back a bit.

The pressures of modern life can take a toll on romantic relationships. Whether a constant pursuit for more is leading to a disconnect, or social media is misleading people into thinking you have the perfect life, it’s important to remember that every couple goes through trials. The trick to solving this lies in communication and connection. Allow yourself to have space from your partner and remember that you need to be happy with yourself before you can attempt to make another person happy.

Guest Bio:

After a tumultuous upbringing, Brandy Salazar believed she had made it when she launched a successful career in real estate. On top of her career, she fell in love with and married a successful man and had two daughters. However, 20 years into that, she realized that a lot of what made her look ‘perfect’ to the outside world was not enough for her. Her marriage was unhappy and her career was based on the pursuit of the American Dream, rather than her own wellbeing. Through a lengthy process, Brandy managed to get her personal life back on track. Today, she’s passionate about helping people fall back in love with their lives, in every area.

Despite having a successful career as a clinical pharmacist that stretched 20 years, Lance Salazar realized he needed to make changes in his life after becoming a dad. Realizing that he wasn’t putting enough work into himself, or his marriage. Today, he works alongside his wife to help others make the same realization. He’s also dedicated to helping people improve their emotional intelligence.

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