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There are many rapid changes taking place in the mortgage industry, and it’s important to work with those developments in mind. How can you keep building great relationships with your database amid the growth of artificial intelligence and technology? Where does your personal life fit into this process, and how can you continue to prioritize your health? On this episode, podcaster and industry veteran David Lykken shares how he’s built a business that grows alongside industry changes

Embrace the trend to automation, don’t avoid it. -David Lykken

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Stay focused on your audience

The mortgage industry requires loan officers to get involved in people’s lives. Embrace this and structure your processes around it. Make sure you’re available to your audience and able to connect on a more personal level. This is much more useful than becoming a ‘public figure’ on social media.

Embrace technology

Millennials have grown up surrounded by technology. As this generation gets older, it’s important for loan officers to tailor their services to them. Technology has the power to serve the lender as well as the client, so don’t discount its value.

Protect your relationships

No matter how successful you are in the mortgage industry, your health should always be a top priority. Something that has a great impact on your mental and emotional health is your support system. Never allow your relationships with family and friends fall by the wayside.

Guest Bio:

David Lykken is a 45-year industry veteran. For the past 14 years, David has assisted companies grow through consulting, executive coaching and communications. He works with C-Level executives and business owners and focuses primarily on business, sales and marketing strategies.

Additionally, David is a regular guest on FOX Business News. He also does guest appearances on CNBC, and currently hosts his own weekly radio podcast, “Lykken on Lending,” heard by thousands of mortgage professionals nationwide.

On top of this, David also produces a daily one-minute consumer-facing market commentary video called “Today’s Mortgage Minute”  that appears on hundreds of radio, television, and newspaper websites and is viewed by millions of Americans each month. In his “spare time”, he publishes articles that appear weekly and monthly in a number of leading industry publications.

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