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There are so many options for marketing today that sometimes we have a hard time choosing which one to use for our business. Should you choose a tried-and-tested, traditional method? Or should you use the newer, technologically-advanced tools? How can you keep building relationships even when your communication relies more and more on the internet? On this episode, Michael Griffiths shares the answers to these questions and more!

If you don’t have to spend money on marketing, why should you? -Michael Griffiths

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Stop spending on marketing

Traditional marketing is great, but can be unnecessary at times. Use the opportunities afforded by social media and the internet, and focus on building your relationships. A lack of marketing budget should never hold you back.

Think outside the box about your target audience

Think about where your target spends their money. Don’t go for the obvious choices. Think about the places seldom approached for collaboration. These are the places your competitors haven’t looked, and they may be more receptive to your business.

Build relationships

Relationship marketing will be effective for as long as there are people. Work on fostering relationships with your target audience, businesses you collaborate with, and past clients. Embrace the internet and use it to your advantage.

With all the noise out there about marketing and social media, it can be difficult to make a choice on how to boost your brand. Remember, the key lies in personal relationships. Think about your audience and their habits, and then collaborate with places where they spend their money. Never underestimate the importance of relationship marketing. It will stay effective for as long as people are around.


Guest Bio:

As the founder of Referral Marketing Guru, Michael Griffiths provides the #1 Referral Marketing Training around the globe for coaches, consultants, and professional service businesses. Having built 7 businesses and sold 6 of them all through referrals, networks, and partnerships, Michael and his team now show people how they too can have their own Million Dollar Referral System.

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