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As team leaders, we have the opportunity to create great working environments that prioritize balance. How can we take excessive work off our agendas and free up time? Can we create a company culture that values family? How can fostering a more balanced environment ultimately impact our customers? On this episode, founder of The Cooksey Team, Michael Cooksey, shares how to build a company culture that supports better balance.
Having team members’ families over changes the company culture for the better. –Michael Cooksey


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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Leverage activities that get in the way of innovation 

As business owners, we want to push boundaries and exceed everyone’s expectations, but it’s difficult to do that if we’re constantly wrapped up in everyday activities. The best way to get around this is by leveraging these activities to other team members. This frees up our time to become proactive and be more present with our own families. 


Get families involved and make them part of the team 

Our lives are about more than just work, and the same goes for our team members. Organize activities where team members’ families are involved. The closer we become to their children and spouses, the more tight-knit our teams will become and the more productive we’ll all be. 


Treat the team like the customer

As team leaders, our top priority should be our teams. We need to ensure we are offering them enough value, so they in turn give more value to the customer. Excellent service begins at home. 


It’s up to us to create a company culture that allows for more balance, both for us as leaders, and for our teams. Leverage where possible – doing this opens up our schedules as leaders to push boundaries and become more proactive. However, when leveraging activities, remember that all team members have lives of their own. To create a more inclusive environment and build a stronger team, get team members’ families involved. Remember, our teams are our customers. We need to ensure they’re happy at work if we want to see better results. 


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Guest Bio:

Michael Cooksey is the Branch Manager at Mid America Mortgage. As founder of The Cooksey Team, Michael Cooksey has built one of the most successful retail branches for Mid America Mortgage. With 16 years in the industry and nearly $1,000,000,000 in funded loans with Mid America, Michael brings the experience and knowledge needed to lead a successful mortgage transaction. His guiding principle as founder of The Cooksey Team has been to focus on internal team-building to fuel the branch’s astounding origination growth, a strategy which has resulted in unquestionable success.

Not only is Michael Cooksey responsible for leading a highly successful retail branch for Mid America Mortgage, but he is also deeply committed to the success of his staff. Utilizing The CORE Training methodology, Michael has coached his own staff, as well as loan officers, brokers and real estate agents across the country, to become top producers.


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