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Success is about more than financial wellbeing or owning a business. To be truly successful, we need to be well-developed in our personal lives, too. What are our motivations for being in the mortgage business, and what do we hope to achieve? How are we creating lives that support our visions for success, in terms of our physical, mental and emotional health? On this episode, we discuss why you need to take a holistic approach to success.

The better we take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, the more effective we are in business and in life. -Dan Trinidad

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Understand the motivation. Knowing why we want to achieve success in this industry is important, as it fuels our energy towards achieving the goal.

It’s important to think about what we’re doing to improve our health and mental wellbeing. Exercise and rest are vital for physical health, while reading and time planning are crucial in developing ourselves mentally.

Pay attention to key relationships. Our spouses and children deserve our attention, and any unhappiness at home will affect our businesses as well.


As human beings, we need to understand that every part of our lives has an impact on our wellbeing. To build a life that supports success, we need to think holistically. That means enriching ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Ultimately, we want to run towards our goals without looking back to see everything else in our lives falling apart.

We’re a 34 year young boutique mortgage firm where EVERYONE MATTERS. Our goal is not to become the largest company, but the one with the greatest impact. To us, making a daily difference in the lives of our teammates, referral partners and our customers is what makes the work that we do so worthwhile and meaningful.