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While we’re often told to strive for balance between our personal and business lives, to be truly successful in the holistic sense, we need to aim for integration. How can we build businesses that allow us to take the time we need to be with our families? How can we manage our time more effectively to ensure we’re committed to every area of our lives? On this episode, mortgage industry leader and influencer Brian Covey shares how to prioritize more effectively.

Our careers are integrated into our lives as a whole- when we go to the office, we take all our parts along. Let’s make sure our businesses and personal lives integrate seamlessly. –Brian Covey

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Rely on the team to leverage yourself

As industry leaders, we often feel pressure to be involved in every step of our businesses. However, that’s not necessary if we have the right teams. Build teams that can solve problems without us- by doing this, we’re not only leveraging our time, but helping our teams expand their own capabilities. This will make sure your business integrates into your life in a healthy way. 

Bring potential recruits to

When recruiting top producers from other markets, we should be bringing them to us by flying them in. This gives them a chance to see our teams and company culture in action, but also allows us to stay closer to our families. 

Be intentional with your time

We need to separate our activities into two categories: those we’re interested in, and those we’re committed to. By doing this, we can plan our schedules more effectively and become more intentional in the process.

As business owners and leaders, we can never fully separate our work lives from our personal lives. We need to integrate every part of ourselves to ensure we’re content in every area. Stop trying to be hands-on in every part of the business, and wherever possible, we should bring recruits to us so we don’t need to sacrifice our time. We can be successful in every area of our lives- we just need to be more intentional about how we spend our time.

Guest Bio:

Brian Covey is a committed professional in the mortgage industry with a passion for people, leadership development and leading change. Brian believes that by embracing the technology in our industry, we can improve the loan consultant and consumer’s experience. Along with his role at loanDepot, he is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and serve on various other committees. As VP, Regional Production Leader of the TN, AL, MS, LA & AR Regional Sales Teams, his days are spent coaching, mentoring, business development and training loan consultants in order to consistently achieve their personal, professional, and financial objectives as well as the needs of their clients. His time is dedicated to his team, internal and external referral partners, and customers. 

In addition to being an industry leader, Brian is a dedicated husband and father to 3 awesome kids. He enjoys playing and coaching soccer and working out at Iron Tribe Fitness.

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You can also find him on Instagram: @thebriancovey 


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