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Successful businesses require great management, so it’s up to us as business owners to provide the right leadership. How can we better prepare ourselves for leadership roles, and what do we do when our plans fall through? Is it possible to be a great leader without sacrificing our personal time? On this episode, podcaster, serial entrepreneur and mentor Greg Dickerson shares how we can build better businesses by focusing on developing our own abilities.

Our job as leaders is to be the best we can be for those around us. -Greg Dickerson

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Educate yourself even when you’re at the top of your game

As leaders, we need to continue to develop our abilities over time. Education is crucial, and there are many opportunities for us to teach ourselves. Never stop learning; read as much as possible and seek out those who have already achieved the goals we set for ourselves. 

Learn from failure

No one wants to fail, but the lessons we learn from our failures are invaluable. We need to adapt our mindsets to welcome failure and to see it as not only important, but necessary. By making mistakes, we have the opportunity to prevent them from happening again in the future. 

Delegate Tasks

While our businesses are important to us, we also need to remember to take care of our personal lives. Hire people to delegate tasks to, and make time management a priority. Don’t allow mental, physical and familial health to degenerate in the name of leadership.

Great leaders are those who continue to learn along the way. If we want to create successful businesses, we need to constantly develop our understandings and abilities, and ensure we’re the best we can be for those around us- in both our teams and families. Lead to inspire, and empower others to lead when you’re unable to. Successful businesses start with successful leaders.

Guest Bio:

Greg is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, developer and podcaster. During his career he has bought, developed and sold over $200 million in real estate, built hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings, developed multiple residential and mixed use subdivisions and started 12 different companies from the ground up.

Mr. Dickerson is an expert on the topics of real estate development and entrepreneurship. He has spoken at real estate investing conferences and events around the country, he’s been a guest commentator on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto and The Dave Ramsey Show, and is regularly interviewed on some of the top real estate investing and business podcasts today. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Greg served in the United States Navy right out of high school. 

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