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Our success and the balance in our lives comes down to our focus and being intentional. We need to be clear about what we’re spending our time on and why. What should be the basis of our goals? How do we take care of our well-being and keep some balance in our lives? How can we maintain success across multiple companies? In this episode, Joshua Smith explains what kind of mindset we need to have as entrepreneurs, as well as the vital role that systems and processes have in our business success.

99% of all success in life is just operating from the right lens, the right focus and the right mindset. -Joshua Smith

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

How to make the market work for you

There is no such thing as a bad market. We need to identify who the market is good for at that period in time, shift our processes and systems, and adapt to that audience.

Setting meaningful goals based on lifestyle

It’s difficult to achieve goals that we’ve set for ourselves when they don’t have a deeper meaning behind them. When we set our goals based on what lifestyle we want, we can visualize our perfect day and start to achieve our goals through daily action.

How to develop multiple companies successfully

We need to build our systems and processes and get our revenue to the point where we can hire top talent. Only once we have a great team in place can we start to invest in and develop a new business.

We need to have the right perspective when it comes to business, and it’s just as important to have the right perspective on our lifestyle, too. When we build our goals around the kind of lifestyle we want, it’s easier for us to achieve them because they become built into our daily routine. When we do this, we can grow our revenue and make hires that keep our company running successfully while we maintain the work-life balance we want.

Guest Bio:

Joshua Smith is a Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as a Serial Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor. Joshua is one of the top Realtors in the world and he runs many other very successful companies. He is ranked in the top 1% of Realtors worldwide and was voted the 30th Top Realtor in America by The Wall Street Journal. Joshua has sold over 5,000 homes and is selling more than a home a day. He is the host of the #1 Most Downloaded Real Estate Agent Podcast “GSD Mode” and has coached and mentored thousands of realtors all over the world.

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