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Most successful people in this business will tell you that the road to their achievements has been anything but smooth. There are personal setbacks, hard times, and for many of us, the challenges we experienced in the Crash of 2008. My guest today is no exception. After working in Hollywood, she found her way into mortgage and then into credit empowerment through her company Color My Credit. What are the biggest lessons she learned, the biggest challenges she faced, and how did she find her purpose? On this episode, speaker, author and coach Ali Glutz joins me to talk about her incredible journey, building a tribe, and balancing everything.

There are seven areas that are key to building a financial legacy that aren’t taught in school. These are budget, taxes, credit, insurance, home, retirement and legacy. -Alisa Glutz


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At the start of the show, Ali shared her life journey, and how she went from working in comedy to mortgage. She also shared how Color My Credit was born, and how she helps people overcome the shame of debt. Next, we talked about the difference between credit repair and credit empowerment, how Ali got through the crash and the 7 key areas to build a financial legacy. 

We also discussed; 

  • •Why compassion is such a valuable virtue in business 
  • •How creativity has propelled her in her career 
  • •How she balances all she has going on in her life


Every single one of us has setbacks and moments where we feel stuck. In the words of Alisa, what gets us out of a dark place is helping other people, bringing value to them and teaching them something that will change their lives. She is proof that when we put a purpose behind what we do, we go further and make a bigger impact. It comes down to approaching what we do with empathy, helping clients find solutions so that they can also come out of struggle and difficulty.


Guest Bio:

Alisa is an author, credit empowerment speaker and coach, and founder of Color My Credit. With over 16 years of experience (and growing up in the business), Alisa has developed a broad knowledge of the mortgage business and credit industry, which allows her to guide clients to the loan program that will best suit them and plan for the future. Alisa’s strong referral base knows that they can count on her to provide the highest level of personalized service and rely on her for her “Mortgage MacGyver”​ gift in finding ingenious solutions to complex loan scenarios. Go to for more information and to access the course, and get links to the app. You can call Alisa 480.206.6516.

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