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Our success is tied to how intentional we are with the activities and mindsets that drive us forward. How do we achieve the balance between our personal lives and running our businesses? What is the big question we need to ask ourselves in order to determine if we feel our lives are on the right trajectory? How do we peel back to what really matters to us in business and filter the choices we make the right way? On this episode, coach, speaker, and author, Cindy Ertman, shares on her success journey and the resources we need to keep growing in life and in business.

Success is an evolutionary process. Growth is not always easy, because to grow, we have to change. -Cindy Ertman.



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Guest Bio:

Cindy is a Loan Originator, business owner author, coach, trainer and speaker. She focuses on building long-term relationships, not only with her clients, but also with real estate professionals, lending partners and community leaders. With her tenure in the mortgage industry, this has translated into a formidable base of referral business that has earned her numerous national awards and ranked her team in the Top 100 Originators in the U.S. by Mortgage Originator Magazine. Cindy now teaches success and personal development strategies to the sales industry and is completing her new book “The Defining Difference: How to Influence Change Through Relationships and Trust”.

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