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When we become entrepreneurs, there’s a lot of excitement around generating freedom. How can you make sure you’re using your newfound freedom to build a better business, and a better life? How will you include your team in this journey, and what skills should you be teaching them?

On this episode, CEO & President at Waldner Winters Team, Nick Waldner shares how he’s built a successful team and the life he’s always wanted.

If you’re gaining time, you need to use that time to make sure you’re making more money. -Nick Waldner



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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Use your time wisely

One of the biggest mistakes we make as real estate entrepreneurs is believing our time is all our own. When you get your time back by hiring others, make sure you’re using your extra hours to generate more money. Otherwise, you’re just spending money on getting someone else to make the same amount you were before.

Fail forward

Failure is crucial for success. Ensure you’re not only allowing failure, but encouraging it amongst your team members. Use the challenges to find solutions and prevent it from happening again by letting people know where you’ve gone wrong in the past.

Beat technology by being human

Technology is meant to make our lives easier. However, we also need to remember that with communication, it’s always good to have a human touch. Rather than sending out mass communication that doesn’t give you results, commit to making quarterly phone calls to your database.

You can’t consider yourself a business owner if you’re unable to step away from your company for a prolonged period. Remember, if your goal was to have more freedom, you need to build something that allows you to attain it. With that said, don’t waste your free time. Work with your business in mind, but build a business with your life in mind.


Guest Bio:

Nick Waldner runs one of the Top Real Estate Teams in his area and in the industry. The Waldner Winters Team is the #1 Team in the #1 Office in his market and his team is included in Gary Keller’s Top 100 out of over 150,000 agents in Keller Williams.

You will also see Nick on TV hosting the hit reality series “Waterfront House Hunting” on the A&E Station FYI. The show highlights his talent for helping clients find great property throughout the entire country! You can also read about Nick’s business in “Selling Made Simple”; a book he wrote outlining everything you need to know in order to sell your home in today’s real estate market.

When not working, Nick has a great sense of adventure. He has summited Mt Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa), hiked to the hidden city of Machu Picchu in Peru, White Water Rafted 100 Miles of the Salmon Fork River in Idaho, Surfed the East Coast of Australia, Sky Dived over New Zealand and became certified to Scuba Dive in Fiji. His goals include growing his already successful real estate business, investing in passive income opportunities and, most importantly, becoming better in all aspects of life.

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