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Staying in this business for 29 years and being in the top 200 of producers for over 20 of those years is no easy
feat. What was the journey to success like for today’s guest? What are the lessons, actions and tactics that were
instrumental in his achievements? How do we remain relevant in a changing market and actually thrive through it?

On this episode, I talk with top producer and speaker, John Abraham, who shares how
he stays balanced, what he’s achieved, and how he made it happen.

Technology will take away a piece of our business, but if you use technology to
make it a better experience for the customer, that’s how you’ll survive and prosper. -Dan Trinidad

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Why we have to stay driven even when we succeed

You’re only as good as your last deal and your last production year. You have to
maintain the same commitment and dedication even as you become more successful.

Why culture is more important than anything else

You don’t have to hire top producers to have success and work with the best.
Mid-level producers can be trained up to do more. They beat the top producers, who are often egotistical, hard to
work with and expensive to maintain. You want people you can work with without compromising culture.

How customers have changed with the times

Customers are more savvy nowadays, and are gravitating to rate more than ever
before. The business is not as relationship-driven as before because they are willing to shop around.

In any sport, there are mindsets and behaviors that are necessary in order to succeed. Discipline, focus, showing
up, being committed and willing to ask other people for advice are just as important as performing. These skills
aren’t just crucial in sport, they are also the secret to success in business. Without the right mindset,
activities, attitude and dedication, it’s hard to really go the distance in mortgage, or any business. Even if
technology chips away at our market share, the ones with these values will always thrive.

Guest Bio:

John is a speaker and Mortgage Originator/Producing Manager at Caliber Home Loans.
He has been in the business for 29 years, and a Top 200 Producer Nationwide since 1998. Go to more information.

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