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So many people cringe when they think of a career in sales because of the negative connotations of bad salespeople. How can you offer services that impress your clients and retain their business? How should you go about engaging with Realtor partners and others in the industry who could help boost your business? On this episode, Stephen Moye shares his insights and experience when it comes to building relationships that will strengthen your business.

Remember, it’s not that people don’t like salespeople. They don’t like bad salespeople. -Stephen Moye

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Three Things You’ll Learn:

Be a good salesperson

Salespeople often get a bad reputation, but the reality is the only salespeople disliked by the public are the bad ones. Give your clients a great experience. Treat them as individuals rather than numbers, and build genuine relationships with them.

Network through Linkedin

The Realtors you partner with should be people you have strong bonds with, so that you’re comfortable enough telling them hard truths when necessary. Linkedin is a great tool to make these kinds of connections with the right people, because it shows personal interest as well as professional expertise.

Recruit people who can speak several languages

The fastest growing market at the moment is the second-generation American community. The children of immigrants from all over the world are buying houses, so it’s a good idea to be able to engage with your clients in their first languages.
Guest Bio:

Stephen Moye is the Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer at Citywide Home Loans. As the top producing loan officer in San Diego, he prides himself on providing stellar service and smooth experiences to his clients. Stephen is also passionate about community, and has done extensive volunteer work with children. He counts his experience as a volunteer with Middle Schoolers as an extremely rewarding activity, and believes his interactions with the children have even benefitted his business.

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